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Eric Dubay
Europe for Europeans - Eric Dubay on Youtube

It should go without saying, and certainly not be taboo to state the obvious, that every people and culture has the right to live together on their own land: Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, and Europe for Europeans. Through mass immigration and forced multi-culturalism, however, many European countries and communities have become so over-run with immigrants that they have become ethnic minorities in their own homeland. Thanks to HistoryTruths, The Impartial Truth, and NatSoc Uploads for the original videos used, please subscribe to their channels.

The topics covered in this 20 minute video are very controversial and require further research for most people new to them. Please also see the following videos/articles :

White Genocide
European Immigration Crisis
Adolf Hitler vs. The Jew World Order
The Zionist Jew World Order



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