Why Switzerland is not an option for the future

I had started a video channel for the last ethnically and racially conscious Swiss people with the message that will follow, but as I moved to Central Europe now I understand the growing interest all people have towards Switzerland and whether it is a future rich paradise that will be preserved from all sort of conflict etc., so I need to clear things up as an introduction.

I can already tell you that what you think about Switzerland it is not the case. You will obviously understand that literally EVERYONE wishes to work in Switzerland like you wish. This is why we have 29% foreign nationals (close to 50% in cities, the highest percentage in Europe except tiny countries) and also many seasonal workers, which created a problematic situation of overpopulation and urbanization, a wage dumping effect since we don’t have even laws for minimum salary here, so the younger Swiss generation cannot afford a Swiss-style life like buying a house here, having a lot of children, running small companies etc. because everything becomes overpriced (including taxes and welfare fees) yet salaries don’t follow because of this wage dumping thing. These effects also maintain an important left-wing percentage of voters : people ask for more welfare, equality, and work protection laws, which the right-wing “patriotic” majority always massively votes against because “it would be bad for the competitiveness of our beloved country’s economy”. Adding this to the fact that Switzerland has a long-time “no conflict” policy, they make more concessions and thus are more infeuded to the E.U. than some E.U. countries like Hungary or Poland who still resists Brussels’ diktat, and sympathy towards Islam or “social justice” is rampaging here. Left-wing demonstrations in Bern, just some meters away from the Swiss Parlament, are no different than those in other White countries. Also, as vassals of the countries of our respective languages, we get both the universalism from France (jacobinism) and the Nazi guilt from Germany in our face, so the topic of race is absolutely taboo here. There is pro-migrant propaganda in schoolbooks here, and probably other neuro-linguistic programming too, without a doubt.

To sum up, Switzerland is becoming a pillar of the New World Order, a high-tech and business pole like Hong Kong, Dubai, or Singapore, and will likely defend its position since the average, brainwashed Swiss people benefit from it. The only benefit you can get is as temporary or seasonal worker, since wages are still high, and spare some money for investing it abroad in your future European ethnostate project.

That being said, here comes the translated and adapted version of the “bottle in the sea” that I dropped on YouTube in order to, perhaps, awaken some fellow Swiss passerbys and bring them to our project.

Here is a message for the last Swiss comrades, probably White males, who lie agonizing in the shadow of the multicultural and globalized world, whose life is in a dead-end in this country and who would like to build projects and survive the collapse of the “West”. So in this country (Switzerland) you have two solutions. First solution, you are a millionnaire and you make a community with other millionnaires by settling in some remote valley of the Alps or the Jura and buying the biggest amount of houses, terrains, hydroelectric dams, and winter equipment you can, and you live your life there. Second solution, you are not a millionaire so you pack up your stuff and leave, and try your best in other countries with a still White European atmosphere.

I know people here who tried the first solution, and people who tried the second and left. And if I am talking to you now, it’s as an incentive for you to build up a community in real-life, getting in touch with other Swiss and European people who share your vision, and not staying behind your computer whining at the pitfall we are in now. (I was filming while walking in the mountains and showing the landscapes while talking).

Although I don’t deny the work that has been done before us by “nationalists” for promoting the rights of Swiss people in Switzerland (and French people in France etc.), I think we’ve come to a point of no return in Switzerland and Western Europe in general, and it will be difficult to get back even though there is a “direct democracy” and that “Swiss people could choose to get rid of Blacks, Indians and Arabs if they wished”, but they don’t wish this! They are mostly liberal, xenophilic gentrified people who are in love with the “warm and sunny Southern countries with sea and palm trees”, who love London and the USA and who hate “Europe” (connoted badly as Brussels E.U. which we’re not in) and who hate Russia because violent fights, gulags, and Putin. They are just rich people who vote for saving their privileges: “do what they want without moral barriers and get free money and hospitals paid by princess Helvetia” for the left-wing, and “saving their spare money, companies, and personal belongings” for the right-wing. Out of some very rural villages and isolated individuals, there is not a single bit of consciousness of being part of a people, of a Swiss community, and even less of an European one, with this anti E.U. feeling.

You might wonder why Swiss people are losing their identity but then watch your cities: who is still Swiss there ? How many Swiss couples have 3 children or more ? The national average is close to 30% foreign nationals (close to 50% in cities). We do not have ethnic/racial stats but just walk in the streets outside peak hours and soon you’ll be the last person speaking a Swiss national language, and in some places even the last White individual which is not drunk, drugged, or insane. And as if it weren’t enough, new migrant areas open up everywhere even in villages, apartments get reserved for them etc., despite the fact that fewer migrants come in and that a lot of Swiss people have difficulties to afford the now overpriced flats.

And don’t tell me about our successful ecology: of course we make high-tech eco products etc., but as a general feeling it isn’t there. The country is overpopulated, we build up ugly blocks of concrete and glass panes everywhere that even Joseph Stalin wouldn’t have dared to, both road and rail systems are in a critical status of saturation, our biodiversity shrinked by 40% (some article stated that it is more than France’s 30%), our rivers are also polluted by glyphosate etc., and the “Green Party” is the most favorable political party to immigration and densification (with modern unpleasant architecture) despite all of this.

So I searched for areas where building white independent communities would be possible in Switzerland, and honestly I haven’t found a single area that would fit our needs. As a French-speaking Swiss, let’s analyze the cantons of Suisse Romande. Canton Geneva is a pillar of the globalized world, canton Vaud is a place where far-left anarchists defend the presence of illegal Black drug dealers and where right-wing liberals buy these drugs to bear the work pressure, canton Valais is overcrowded and very regionalist so if you weren’t born there it will be difficult, cantons Neuchatel and Jura have a long tradition of being left-wing fiefs, and canton Fribourg as a former very Catholic area is now a “Bergoglio Catholic” melting-pot of mixed-race Arab-Swiss and African-Swiss families. This is for the French part, so I expect the German part and the Italian parts to have similar situations. The locals hate our ideas in the vast majority, and the last areas of “wilderness” are heavily regulated by the governement and laws so why even try if a terrain costs hundred thousands if not millions of CHF, and when you know you won’t even be allowed to freely plant a tree on it ?

I’ve just come back from 3 trips to Central and Eastern Europe this year, to escape this Hong-Kong-like concrete jungle and find true Europe again, and it’s obvious: they are succeeding, and we are failing. The true European spirit is there, more tourists come over. The population defends its values, no Muslim bombings. The economy is booming. The vegetation is luxuriant. Services at small scale haven’t been closed nor replaced by machines. The matrix they live in has, at least, remained human. Locals still do the manual job, and operate at a small scale. There are proximity shops, amenities, public transport services, in the countryside like nowhere in France or in the USA, no need to take your car everytime. In the perspective of an oil crisis, this is a major advantage. Food is still grown locally, there are markets, gardens everywhere, people own their land…


Although the area is still not rich, the conditions for a simpler, happier, healthier life are more present there than in the West. And perhaps the most important, there are NO RACIAL CONFLICTS since there is no mix of different racial / ethnic groups (beside maybe Gypsies), and the vast majority of people want to protect their way of life by not accepting an invasion of Muslims or an invasion of Socialist / Communist ideology. Why? Because they have lived under it. They know what the Ottoman Empire is, what the USSR is. So they’re now unable to fall again into the trap of idealization.. hopefully. And what Western people don’t know, and will never know unless they travel to Central or Eastern Europe, is that WE ARE BASICALLY THE SAME PEOPLE, WITH THE SAME APPEARANCE AND THE SAME LIFESTYLE with only minor regional differences, except that they live as pure Europeans while our lifestyle has been altered. Altered to make us fall into these traps, to make us fit in a mold, to make us imprisoned in the matrices we are in, the matrices of self-destruction. Today’s France is the best example, in my point of view, of a Communist state which actually succeeded.

I decided to leave Switzlerland and live in the East to keep on being a part of the heroic European tale. Not because of Black/Muslim/SJW pressure like the French do, but because we generally get all the problems from France or Germany within a delay of 5 – 10 years. Also seeing what South Africa, Zimbabwe, Algeria, or in a distant past Haiti have become, I couldn’t help but notice that these conflicts do not operate as a social level in a given country, but as a racial level, identically in all of these countries, so France, England, the USA, etc. follow the same path. When a White population becomes a minority and gets denied to exercise their rights in an area, the “rainbow nation” dream abruptly ends up in genocides or replacements, and the quality of life brought by White people reverts back to the Stone Age. Switzerland has always had an “elite” immigration until now, so people are still blatantly dreaming about that global “rainbow” world, because – unfortunately for our ideals – the coexistence still works more or less in Switzerland.

So our future is clearly abroad. Or at least, the spark that will init our consciousness of being the people we are and the willingness to stop our decline, will be lit in Eastern Europe before spreading to the whole White world.


As final words, let me assume that all the “Barbarians”, all the “savages” that took over the Roman Empire, were actually tribes of free men. Domesticated men just fell along with the Roman Empire without glory. And the next famous civilization of Europe emerged then from the most civilized, disciplined, and heroic of these Barbarian tribes, a.k.a the Germanic ones. Nowadays, the current Empire ruling on European lands is invaded with Arab tribes, Ottoman tribes, Black African tribes, Chinese tribes, Jewish tribes, Cultural Marxist tribes (SJW), etc. We cannot lose the battle for the next great civilization against those, but there is only one condition and a crucial one to lead to total victory: we must fight in that battle, day after day, and never let them win on any aspect.

These were my arguments 6 months ago, before I actually left Switzerland for Central Europe. Given that I’ve been unable to build up sensible projects with such a racial consciousness in my country, I left my previous life to join a place where I will be able to live a simpler life in such a “conscious” environement, and if I am lucky enough to get a wife and children someday, to transmit it to the future generations. Now I live in the East, I work and earn an income from there, I’m trying my best to learn the languages and integrate into their society, while still trying to preserve my Swiss heritage, and I am getting happy, motivated, and creative like probably never before.

If you want to be part of the epic that will enlighten up our people again, contact us and join us !



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  1. Everything is true in this topic and it’s almost the same situation in the west part (even worst) !

  2. Hi, I’m a nativ Welsch from Switzerland. I left the country in the year 1989 and went back in the 2005. It was for me a shock. All the railways stations became a african black slam after 08:00 PM … The strange feeling to see aliens taking over my country and be powerless to stop doing it. It is becoming worst and worst year after year. I just feel lost.

  3. The case of Switzerland perfectly illustrates that matter of fact : it does’nt need even the duration of two generations to destructe and invalidate centuries of labour, fidelity and honour. Some more : too much prosperity (in fact, general prosperity, in Switzerland, goes from the end of WWII) leads to the ruin of nations, because so long such prosperity does “work”, the mainstream of people satsisfy itself with mediocrity and the vain promises of their leaders.
    Today, Switzerland is some hellish paradise for old people (so old even at the age of thirty or even younger), dispossed of his memory and any kind of ambitions… An alzheimerized compendium of dwarfs with “red” hats — around them plainty of niggers and other “black asses”, — wainting for smooth euthanasy.

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