Reasons to move in Ukraine when you are a fascist

1. Culture of Independence
2. Purchasing Power
3. Family and Traditionally Oriented
4. A Survivalist Potential

1. Culture of Independence : Out of the schengen zone, stuck between neo-communism from the East and liberalism from the West, Ukrainian people have always strived for independence. This is clearly where you can find one of the most independant white mind with obviously this deep Russian mentality due to its historical proximity. In small cities and villages, especially during summer, you can really feel that the Ukrainian culture is still running in the people souls. And as a proud European white man, I can say that it’s really pleasant to see this !

A lot of white males from the west only travel in the usual areas like Odessa or the Kyiv city center but the capitalist influence in Ukraine is so low that the villages and small cities really are dynamic and sparkling ! But let’s forget about it and let’s go straight to the point dear fascists friends 

Geopolitically, we can say that Ukraine is a sort of goyim checkpoint where jews from neo-communism (Russia) and jews from ultra-liberalism (America) have difficulties to implement the stability of their systems (for our great fascist pleasure   ). In fact the Ukrainian instability generate wild resourceful people who do not trust their governement at all.

About Ukrainian Cossacks (source Wikipedia):

They survived chiefly from hunting and fishing and raiding the Asiatic tribes for horses and food. In the 16th century, a great organizer, Dmytro Vyshnevetsky, an Ukrainian noble, united these different groups into a strong military organization. [b]Cossacks were made up mostly of escaped serfs who preferred the dangerous freedom of the wild steppes, rather than life under the rule of Polish aristocrats.

The last sentence is really important and make me feel that this cossack spirit is still running in the Ukrainian veins.

2. Purchasing Power: Occidental mainstream media always demonize Ukraine by talking about whores and war. The main system don’t have any interest to stimulate the touristical industry in Ukraine and prefer to perpetually talks about destination like Paris, London and New-York which are just fake European cities where globalist sheeps under propaganda like to waste their money (because the system told us that this is so cool to enjoy a 10$ coffee in front of at metallic phallus…)
a few decades later…
Main capitals of western European countries are like these famous contemporain painting draws by the hand of the jews, the system work hardly to consistantly motivate their sweet goyims to book some expensive vacations just to walk in museums full of niggers and other sub-races.

This propaganda can work for normies and the good left wing guys but not for White-Pride men who can clearly see through their fascist spectacles where the perfect fascist trendy ideology is… Eastern Europe !

Mainstream media (jewish bank tool) will never promote Eastern Europe (especially Ukraine) simply because the economic inconsistency of this “too much volatile” wild-white country doesn’t suit to the bank system and huge companies which don’t want to take the risk to undertake to finally burn their business wings.

Also, people are so afraid to go there due to the mainstream propaganda that the tourism industry is almost non-existent. Luckily for us, every of these points turn on our fascist Purchasing Power in the green. Purchasing Power until having our total independance is the key !

Ukraine is a sort of “black-friday” country where everything is cheap and will be taken by the first who will knock on its door.

Ukraine has never been so poor and we drastically can build a self-sufficient community totally emancipated from the bank-system (that will be collapsed soon) for a fistful of dollars.


14000€ a 3 rooms flat…

3. Family and Traditionally Oriented: Meanwhile Western-Europe modern tolerants families are generating gays and feminists (everytime promoted by the powerful but synthetic western system).

The radical mentality of wild Ukrainian men in a precarious system is building up strong mentalities not polished by abstract concepts (such as tolerance and feminism for exemple).

Unfortunately for white people from western countries, the heavy weights of dirty money from the western bank system turn these whites into economic slaves with elastic mentalities, sort of white donkeys running after the carott ready to fall down from the liberalist cliff.

In Ukraine, most of people have never done a loan bank, the black market is a cultural hobby and so the economy is not centralised and won’t finally be easily catched by the FED/FMI which have for main task to lock their goyims into golden consommation jails far from their initial family and other healthy values.

In the other hand, neo-communism is really strong in Ukraine and consist for the eastern jews to simply sell cheap cigaretts and alcool to whites males until their estrogen turn them into a sort of out of date white meat with milky boobs instead of fascist pectorals.

It’s always sad to realise that these white-trash males, if they were galvanized by our national-socialist values won’t sold their soul to the (((devil))) and will finally have pure Aryans families with a pretty healthy lifestyle, living peacefully under our fuhrer’s shadow.

Blessing in disguise, this autodestruction mentality will finally motivate the natural hypergamic side of a pure beautiful and valourous white woman to choose you, dear alpha white fascist male who grew up in countries where the ultra-liberalism pushed you at the end of the queue, behind this feminist, arab, black and gay, and make you wan’t to take your revenge on the life that the (((western system))) stole you.
4. A survivalist Potential: Due to the purchasing power we have as European white males coming from the west and the deep independance culture of Ukraine mostly motivated by past communism and the “holodomor” episod wich was nothing more than a white genocide from bolshevik jews ( these two ingredients place Ukraine in a really interesting position for the survivalism interest. Last summer, I travelled in Ukraine with my friends to finally buy my house for 3500€ as you can watch in the following video:


my next plan is to make some repairs to finally turn this house into a confortable place where to live with my Ukrainian woman, my son and with my French fascists friends few kilometers away. You easily can find plenty of lands and houses (datcha) in relatively good condition for really cheap prices in Ukraine.
For understandable reasons, we can not share every details on our plan on this post but our main plan is to help every European fascists who would like to live in Ukraine. We want to have our white team that shares the same values and goals. Don’t hesitate to send us a message if you would like to join us:


Slava Whities !