Western Whities VS Eastern Whities


The money spreading from the Ukrainian bank is not fluent as in the western Europe or USA… so this is quite complicated for the jewish governement to change the Ukrainian white people’s mind and turn them into kind of progressist liberal citizens – jewish money is basically made to change the white nature and it works pretty well in the Western Europe and much more in USA (main home of the (((beast))) and actual cultural leader) simply because the powerful western  bank system have to extend its market and so only works with contemporarian concepts such immigration, feminism, materialism… these counter-values as a cancer gradually destroy the white homogeneity and so our western white nations in general.

As the white fascist you are, it’s exactly when you identify this gross ‘symptom” that one day, you make the decision to travel all over your ancestors craddle, Europe, and particulary to the Eastern Europe then you suddenly realise that the Eastern Whities are not the same as Western Whities are because their jewish masters are not the same at all and definately don’t use the same tools.

Eastern Whities (neo-communist goyims) are much more wilds, straights, masculines, radicals and sometimes even cruels simply because they are not victims of the elaborated capitalist western concepts as Western Whities are (capitalist goyims). The neo-communist precarity hammer never learnt them how to become altruists and empathics as Western whities are and this is clearly a trend we have to take profit from.

Jewish is (I repeat) made to mislead the white soul. An efficient (((bank/global system))) create a sort of fluent articulation of concepts that rotten the western whities from inside. This fluent articulation don’t exist at all in most of the neo-communist land (in our case in Ukraine).

We are few fascists native from the west and we clearly identified the trend and its untolerant potential. The patriarchal Ukrainian and rough (eastern) spirit is EXACTLY what the average white European man need nowadays (even more when this untolerant mind is “sponsorised” by our National Socialist values of course). Unfortunately, the neo-communism precarity hammer tend to literally knock down the Eastern Whities to turn them into desperate drunkers.

note for the pro-Poutine guys: It will be completely naive to pretend that Ukraine or Russia is not dominated by any jewish olygarchy (after all, why the bolchevik jews since second world war will suddenly vanish ?).

In neo-communist territories such as Ukraine, any kind of reciprocity works between Ukrainian citizens whities and their weak bank system just simply because the corruption always make the money coming into the same pockets (the money is clearly not shared with the majority of population and is always catched by the main greedy leaders. So blessing in disguise, it able Ukrainian whities to be protected by the chaotic economic jewish system wich is mainly illustrated by typical western liberalism and mores emancipations – hedonism, altruism, feminism, tolerance, materialism, immigrationism calling multiracialism/islamism/negroism… (which are actually completly destroying our western white world).

Let’s make it clear, until we won’t have any TRUE WHITE ECONOMIC SYSTEM, it will be no worst to live in a (((fluent economic country))) because it will mean that the articulation of non profitable concepts for our race will be too fluent (let’s talk about a powerful arabonegros & left wing whities generator land).


We have to accept the fact that the white race lost the last world war battle and so we have to think in the most efficient strategic way for our motherland Europa. Dear white fascists, your white ancestors never stopped to travel all over Europe and your white blood is probably sponsorised by approximatly 10 different European nationalities. Have few fascist bubbles dislocated everywhere stay stuck in their nationalist values in Europe won’t help us to survive to the powerful cosmopolite immigrants waves and pervasive cultural propaganda. I know this is difficult to believe and much more when you watched some kind of “300” and Marvel movies all your life and you truely think that it’s possible to win the battle even in an understaffed condition… but unfortunately, life is not a Marvel movie.

We consistantly have to learn about our own mistakes and make rational decisions even if it appears as a sacrifice at the first sight. We also have to learn about our own ennemies and other competitives races. A good example of what we have to learn is probably the legendary Chinese *Sun Tzu strategy which consists to do not look for the primary “balance of power”. This “balance of power” is strongly motivated by the nationalism spirit which consists for every white people of the world to “fight” against their (too much) powerful system instead of thinking about a pragmatic decision that will be profitable IN A LONG TERM WAYNowdays, it’s clearly a waste of time and energy to take part in a kind of nationalist movement in countries full of left wings whites and arabonegros. Your white male overdose of testosterone better be used into a great project for you and your race even if the human psychology motivated by your perverse system tend to turn you as this casino player who perpetually loose but perpetually wants to play to cover his lost… the weight transfer absolutely have to be done in our racial profitable direction.

*I strongly advice you to watch this documentary which talks more about the Tsun Tzu strategy:

We have to accept that the cosmopolitan project has already takes part in some parts of the Western Europe. We have to make a call and build up our own strong project which consists to mining Ukraine and the visegrad group in a general way.

Everything starts with these following steps:

1. Go away from the conventionnal system.

Your governement consistantly take a percentage of your salary, on everything you buy, on your rentales, on your sales, on your transactions, on this stupid jewllywood movie you’re about to watch in a cinema, on your bank account, on this romantic restaurant bill you are sharing with this western woman you’re about to divorce with… everywhere and everytime ! Indirectly you constantly feed the jewish beast by taking part in this conventionnal system. We have to escape from this jewish salvation as soon as possible and build up our own “autonomous” systems including our own rules. Ukraine is this perfect white far-east which feat perfectly with our fascist wishes.

2. Meet and build up our own ACTIVE communauty.

Internet is the white soap that escape from our ennemies hands. Nowdays, we have our own social medias and blogs and it able us to shape more and more fascists minds but… what about after ? Are we going to consistantly stay stuck on our chair in front of our computers and be the own spectators of our foxy genocide ? Millions white asses on chair do not affraid anyone. A white man who is picking up an other white woman to make a white pride family is the real danger. Two white men who are discussing about how to emancipate from the jewish system are the real danger. We have to make the moove and meet each other IN REAL LIFE and discuss about our projects. Never forget that the serious white federalisation is the FEAR OF JEWS and this is exactly why they want to break up our perfect racial homogeneity.

3. Make families and help each other.

Subraces and left-wings guys only think in a short term way and this is exactly what is going to condemn them for the futur. As white fascists, we are betting in a long term way and we know that the prolongation of our message through our white childrens is the key and will finally shape our great project. Again, your childrens will be the first victim of your environnement and system predation if you decide to stay in a hostile environnement such as the west. This is clearly the main reason why whities have to educate their childrens in a COMPLETLY white country. Also, as a single white man you have to live in a country where you are surounded by the most valorous women as possible to maximize your chance to find a partner who have the same goal as you. Finally you need to be surounded by males of your race who have the same ideology as you to shape strong link between each other to protect our racial area.

As a conclusion we can say that this short article can appear to be the actual jewish communautary system (but obviously, as whities it’s strictly forbidden for us to protect our race on our own land actually occupied by the (((ennemy))) and their arabonegros manservants…

We already know that we have to think in a racial way, but much more than think we propose you to make the move.
White mates, join us in Ukraine: eastern-eagles@tutanota.com

Slava Whities !